Producing Tenant Brochures

A free service that can immediately save you thousands of dollars.

REITS and institutional investors have shareholders to answer to, so they have professional brochures to hand out to prospective tenants at all of their buildings. These brochures are marketing tools that have a significant impact when tenants compare one property to move into over another. The brochures speak to the quality of management and the quality of the building as a potential home.

Tenant brochures increase your onsite manager’s closing ratio, decrease vacancies, and increase your income. REITS don’t have Krupp & Company in their corner so they pay upwards of $2,500 to $5,000 to design, photograph, write and print brochures. You have Barry, so you don’t have to pay a nickel.

Krupp & Company’s graphics and design team will photograph, design, and print your tenant brochures for you at no cost. Whenever you need more, simply give Barry a call and his team will print more for you. Barry prints up to 500 at a time. Need revisions to your brochure? No problem, Barry’s team will make the necessary changes and print you more brochures. Barry provides this service to build relationships and become your “go to” person! See how we took an old brochure and made it into a new brochure with a fresh look and feel. Contact Barry and he’ll start production for you right away.