One of the reasons we were attracted to working with Barry Krupp is because he provides ‘information without an agenda.’
He didn’t try to steer us in any particular direction.

– Mr. & Mrs. Georgiou

Barry Krupp

Barry has been specializing in apartment building brokerage since 1987 and has represented approximately a half billion dollars in transactions. He has represented transactions predominately...


For 23 years, Barry Krupp has been brokering apartment deals. In fact, his firm, Krupp & Company, devotes 100% of its resources to representing the interests of mid-level buyers and sellers of Bay Area apartment buildings.

Responsibilities to our Clients

When making a purchase, Krupp & Company wants you to know more about the property than the seller does...

Case studies

Barry knows that when it comes to complications you need a professional with experience and the ability to think steps ahead.