Buyer Services

With our database, no one can reach as many potential sellers as we can.

The Off-Market Opportunities

Many properties never formally make it to the market. Unfortunately, most brokers focus only on listed properties for their clients to buy. Barry thinks that is shortsighted. Therefore, he also makes unsolicited direct inquiries to owners of properties that are not currently on the market, which expands the potential buying opportunities for his clients. Off-market opportunities are never advertised and are only communicated to people in Barry’s network. Are you already in Barry’s network? If not, stay in the loop to hear about off-market deals!

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Due Diligence Coordination

Due diligence has become somewhat of a science. Krupp & Company believes that it’s crucial for the buyer to get to know more about the property than the seller. You need full and detailed information in an orderly fashion to make a solid “go” or “no go” buying decision. Following is a partial list of due diligence Barry recommends and can coordinate with outside vendors, and is yet another reason why he offers the best representation available from a broker:

  • Roof, plumbing, and electrical inspections
  • Termite Inspections
  • Various property systems inspections
  • Lease Audit – a review and audit of tenant records, rental agreements, and files. Looks for rent concessions outstanding, payment histories, problem tenants, and verifies current rents and deposits
  • Phase 1 Environmental – public records search for properties close to the subject property that may pose an environment risk such as soil contamination or a gas or oil leak
  • Physical Needs Assessment – third party report outlining deferred maintenance and pricing for any deferred maintenance or replacement the property may need.
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) – performed by an engineer predicting the potential loss in a large earthquake