On-site Manager Review

A free service that can immediately save you thousands of dollars.

What do prospective tenants think after they’ve toured your property?

A tenant showing up to see a vacant unit is the culmination of your advertisement and how well your manager interacted over the phone. Meeting your monthly mortgage payments and monthly cash flow requirements depends entirely on this process. That’s why it’s important to monitor this process on a routine basis by seeing it through the eyes of a prospective tenant.

Telephone & Advertisement Review Krupp & Company will do two things: first we will find you’re advertisement and evaluate how well it stands out amongst the other advertisements – is it catchy or does it blend in?; second, we will call your manager while posing as a prospective tenant.

We have 75 points to evaluate during the call which include: Live person or answering machine, ability to qualify, creating interest, creating urgency, and setting appointments. Results can be emailed, faxed, or hand delivered.

Site Visits This is done as a second step to performing a Telephone & Advertisement Review. One of Barry’s team will visit the property as a prospective tenant.

We have 90 points of evaluation which include: Manager’s availability, manager’s appearance, office appearance, manager’s ability to create interest in the property and location, closing for a rental application, building appearance, vacant unit appearance, as well as a written summary of the interaction.

This service is part of our business plan to build better relationships and to be of service to you. Request an On-site Manager Review