Responsibilities to our clients

When making a purchase, Krupp & Company wants you to know more about the property than the seller does...

Knowing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Every course of action a real estate investor has, including holding, has its downside. Whether you are exchanging, buying, selling, or performing strategic planning, Barry wants you to be aware of both the risks and the rewards. Barry will go out of his way–more so than any other broker you’ve worked with–to help you discover the complete picture. Knowing as much as you can about your chosen course of action is what’s most important to Barry. This means you can count on Barry to tell you all that you need to hear…not just what you want to hear. And if that means walking from a deal that’s not right for you, it’s likely you’ll hear Barry say that before you do.

Providing Information without an Agenda

One of the reasons clients are attracted to working with Barry Krupp is because he provides “information without an agenda.” In other words, even if you’re not in the market right now, he can still be a valuable resource for market information, strategic planning, management tools, and arranging financing with no obligation on your part whatsoever. Barry guarantees he will not make you feel obligated or pressured in any way, no matter what you need him to do.

For example, it took one client 20 years before he was ready to hire Barry. Barry first contacted him in 1987, and the client didn’t hire Barry to sell his property until 2008! Over the years, Barry helped this client with market updates and management company referrals. When the client wanted an evaluation of his property for estate planning, Barry did it. Whenever this investor needed an onsite manager report card, or a rent survey, he called Barry. Barry even helped him line up lending sources when a refinance was needed. For all of this, Barry never charged a nickel or pressured him to sell or buy anything.