For 23 years, Barry Krupp has been brokering apartment deals. In fact, his firm, Krupp & Company, devotes 100% of its resources to representing the interests of mid-level buyers and sellers of Bay Area apartment buildings.

Business Model

Barry does business in a different way than other brokerages – many of which cling to outdated business models that hamper their effectiveness. These other brokerages spend lots of money on high-end offices, bonuses, training new (revolving door) recruits –leaving very little money for marketing clients’ properties.

Barry’s business model focuses on what is truly important and instead invests in strong, results-oriented marketing campaigns. For example, Barry will send out 1,500 to 2,000 “just listed” letters rather than maybe a hundred like most others. Barry guarantees 600-800 calls in a phone campaign where others make no guarantee at all.

Another aspect of the outdated business model is confining agents to a territory. This is more self serving than client serving because it prevents an agent from contacting buyers or sellers outside of his or her territory. When you are a seller, this means you need to rely on other agents who don’t even know about you or your property. Further, these agents have their own clients to serve, so you have no assurances that your property will be presented to buyers outside of your listing agent’s territory.

When you’re a buyer working with an agent confined to a territory, this means you need to talk with a multitude of agents, which can work against you in many circumstance. This process is fraught with holes and inconsistencies.

Barry doesn’t have marked territories; instead he has an organized marketing campaign that systematically approaches every apartment building seller or buyer in the Bay Area. This means that Barry can connect buyers and seller not only from within a local market but from one side of the Bay to the other. He can connect a buyer from Oakland with a seller of a Mountain View property. The proper ingenuity, dedication and the proper database are the keys to communicating with such a large group of people in a short amount of time.


Barry’s database is the foundation for his success. The largest and most well researched of its kind, it cost over $100,000 to create. His database contains contact information for owners, investors, and cooperating brokers and property information for mid-level properties in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. Barry’s team also carefully tracks the constantly changing dynamics of the Bay Area apartment market such as rents and sales comparables.

This database is head and shoulders above any other company’s or individual’s database. And Barry will gladly accept the challenge to prove it...

Apartment Buildings, Single Tenant Triple Net, and other product Types

Barry specializes in uncovering apartment building opportunities and non-apartment opportunities. For non-apartment opportunities, such as single tenant triple net properties, strip centers, office buildings and mobile home parks, Krupp & Company has partnered with brokers and agents who specialize in each property type throughout the United States. This means that Krupp & Company will organize a team to handle the acquisition of a different product type regardless of location. Krupp & Company is committed to assemble the best people to get the job done as opposed to other companies who are more interested in keeping the assignment “in house.” This process works extremely well when exchanging out of an apartment building. One cohesive team works seamlessly to structure the sale, exchange and acquisition for you. This may not seem important to most, but Barry will be involved in the contract negotiations of the exchange property to ensure no conflicts between the terms of the acquisition contract and terms of the disposition contract. Something you’re unlikely to get anywhere else.