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The Most Effective Brokerage Platform

For twenty-three years, I’ve been brokering apartment deals in the Bay Area. As you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot of brokerage companies and their business models. Most of these models, I’m sorry to say, favor the brokerage companies over their clients.

I then founded Krupp & Company based on one clear goal: to make the interests of our client and the interests of our company one and the same. This goal required us to scrap the traditional brokerage model and design a company around the latest in technology and communications. As a result, we’ve built the most effective real estate marketing machine with the most competitive fee structure in the industry.

Even if you’re not in the market now, you’re important to us and we’d like to know you. Please take a look at our complimentary management tools and strategic planning services, which can immediately save you thousands of dollars.

Welcome to Krupp & Company.

Barry Krupp

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